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As we are getting very close to New Year, we thought we would share some thoughts about New Year resolutions… Many of us focus mostly on things that WE need to do in order to feel or be better in the year to come: exercise more, lose weight, eat more healthy, stop smoking etc. But […]

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As many of you know, we are launching our biggest social media campaign next week which is the Unplugged Week. Just a bit of background about WHY we are doing this: When Woolami was launched, we really set ourselves a mission which was not only about making the best everyday merino wear clothing for children, […]

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The digital revolution has brought some great things with it. How did we survive without Google? How did we keep ourselves entertained with access to only a few channels on our TV? How did we get hold of our friends when we were running late for a date? Well, amazingly enough, we survived quite damn […]

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Today’s children are spending about two hours watching a screen… but only one hour playing outdoors. In only one generation, the outdoor play has been reduced from three to one hour. It is not fair to only blame the arrival of digital technology, but it sure is a key driver. Other factors like more families […]

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Welcome to our blog! This is our first post – in hopefully many more to come. The fact that you are already reading these lines probably means that you want to know more about Woolami and what is behind the brand. Thank you for joining in! Our intent is to regularly update this blog with […]

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