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Woolami ESSERTS Scarf


It is that time of the year again. Winter. Colder days. Shorter days. And more layers. Actually more and more layers to stay warm. And this is just for YOU! Now you have to dress up your kids as well to make sure that they do not come home with a chronic runny nose and […]

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Today’s children are spending about two hours watching a screen… but only one hour playing outdoors. In only one generation, the outdoor play has been reduced from three to one hour. It is not fair to only blame the arrival of digital technology, but it sure is a key driver. Other factors like more families […]

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Welcome to our blog! This is our first post – in hopefully many more to come. The fact that you are already reading these lines probably means that you want to know more about Woolami and what is behind the brand. Thank you for joining in! Our intent is to regularly update this blog with […]

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