It is that time of the year again. Winter. Colder days. Shorter days. And more layers. Actually more and more layers to stay warm. And this is just for YOU! Now you have to dress up your kids as well to make sure that they do not come home with a chronic runny nose and a cough that breaks your heart every time you hear it.

Here is a secret: you only need THREE LAYERS to stay warm in any weather! The key is WHICH layers you are wearing.

The first layer is the most important layer!

Let’s start with the first layer – also called the Base Layer.

1 – The Base Layer: This is the layer closest to skin. This is the most important layer!Objective is to wick away moisture to keep the body dry. It should be close fitting to make it easier to pull on the next layer. Merino wool is ideal – warm, comfortable and non-itchy. Do not wear any other fabric between the skin and the wool as it destroys the warming and wicking effect of the wool. Wearing any cotton close to skin is a ‘no, no’!

2 – The Insulating Mid Layer: Its function is to keep the body heat by trapping air close to your body. The ‘puffier’ the layer, the more insulating it is. A fleece is a great option because it is breathable, easy to care for and dries quickly.


3 – The Cover Layer: This layer should protect against any weather! Ideally, it should be waterproof and breathable. Great if it has a hood to stop the snow/wind/rain from getting down in their collars. Use Warm-Warmer-Warmest approach!



Was this helpful? We hope it was! If there is one thing to remember, then this is it:

The key to staying warm is staying dry!

And to close it off, check out this Youtube video which explains the above concepts in a simple way.

In the meantime, we wish you all a great month of November and hope to see you outdoors soon!




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