Today’s children are spending about two hours watching a screen… but only one hour playing outdoors. In only one generation, the outdoor play has been reduced from three to one hour. It is not fair to only blame the arrival of digital technology, but it sure is a key driver. Other factors like more families living in cities & apartments, an increased fear by parents of all the bad things that could happen to their kids as well as longer hours in day care and school due to two working parents also do play an important role.


We found this campaign from a laundry brand extremely insightful. We are not trying to sell you washing powder here (although do remember to treat your merino clothes with a detergent for wools & delicates if you want to keep them for long!). We want you to hear this story. Check out this 2.5minute video:

Insightful, huh? It is kind of crazy that children today spend less time outdoors than prison inmates. Playing outside in fresh air has both physical and mental benefits for children. The most obvious one is to limit child obesity by being active, but also, kids who are outside are more likely to get their daily dosage of vitamin D, which assist in bone strength and lowers risk for cancer. Time outside has also proven to soothe children, lowering their risk of hyperactivity and depression. In other words, there are only upsides by letting your kids play outdoors more. Just make sure that they are properly dressed for the weather and that there is an adult around to keep an eye!

‘If you do not have to throw the kids in the bath tub, they have not played hard enough’

The laundry brand (called Persil as you might have understood by now) also created a website called where you can find more information. There is even a free ‘Wild Explorers’ App which is a must-have for parents who want to get their children playing outside, with more than 100 fun ideas to get you and the little ‘monsters’ active outdoors.

Let’s go play!

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