As many of you know, we are launching our biggest social media campaign next week which is the Unplugged Week. Just a bit of background about WHY we are doing this:

When Woolami was launched, we really set ourselves a mission which was not only about making the best everyday merino wear clothing for children, but more importantly, it was about inspiring parents to spend more time with their kids outdoors. We were worried. Very worried. Not only did we see the statistics clearly showing that screens were becoming more important in our children’s lives compared to ‘real life’ experiences, but we also noticed it in the children around us. Tantrums when the iPad was taken away from them, preference to watch a screen rather than go & play soccer outside – and the list goes on and on.

This is how the idea to the #unpluggedkids movement, and the Unplugged week started. So with the help of a Swiss based TV company (Be Curious TV), we did a casting looking for families who would want to join us for an Unplugged week. Lots of families showed interest, and we chose three families who we decided to follow closely for a week. Here is the result:

We hope that the video has inspired you to do something about it. We are not suggesting you completely abandon screens, move into the woods for a week, and live of leaves & greens with your kids. But we want to make a statement: let’s unplug for a week, and spend time together as a family ‘like we used to in the past’. Let our kids feel the smoothness of a rock, the roughness of bark or the fragility of a dried leaf as we go for a walk. Let our kids hear the sound of the birds, the passing cars, the whistling wind or even the footsteps on the sidewalk.

Having gone through the experience ourselves, we can guarantee you: it will be a week you will soon forget, and if you put your heart into it, you will see your kids and your family in a different light.

Click here to join the Unplugged week on Facebook – and stay warm!



One thought on “TIME TO UNPLUG

  1. We all need a little unplugging! After 1 week sick in bed I felt like I had been unplugged and getting plugged back has been interesting. I am still thinking about the emotions and peoples faces after just 1 week. I wish I would have been going outside instead of lying in my bed but it is making me realise how wired up we all are.

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