As we are getting very close to New Year, we thought we would share some thoughts about New Year resolutions… Many of us focus mostly on things that WE need to do in order to feel or be better in the year to come: exercise more, lose weight, eat more healthy, stop smoking etc. But what about actually creating New Year resolutions as a FAMILY? It is proven that if you make other people accountable for the same goal, you are more likely to reach the goal together vs. if you create a goal that is purely based on your own actions.

In the last few months, Woolami has been wanting to raise awareness around the important topic to unplug our kids (and ourselves!). The fact that our kids spend 2 hours in front of a screen every day, but only one hour playing outdoors was enough for us to build our case.

We ran a successful ‘Unplugged Week’ in Switzerland in November 2016, where more than 40 families joined in and completely unplugged for an entire week.

Well done to all of the families who took the challenge! What we heard loud and clear was: 1) Unplugging has brought the family closer together, 2) Unplugging has forced us to think about other activities that could stimulate our kids both mentally and physically, 3) Unplugging made it clear that we are TOO hooked to our devices – both kids and parents.

So we wanted to share our ‘Top 3 Unplug Resolutions’ that we will do our best to stick to as we enter into 2017:

  1. We will not have any iPads, iPhones, Laptops or any other similar device at our dinner table (No excuse for busy mums or dads checking their Black Berry!)
  2. Once a month (minimum), we will do an outdoor activity as a family that we have not done before
  3. We will limit screen time to 30 minutes every day/kid.

We are not saying that these will be easy to keep. But we promise we will do our best. Unplugging our kids – and ourselves – will ONLY do good for all of us.

So what are your Unplug resolutions for the family? We look forward to hearing them!


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