Welcome to our blog! This is our first post – in hopefully many more to come. The fact that you are already reading these lines probably means that you want to know more about Woolami and what is behind the brand. Thank you for joining in! Our intent is to regularly update this blog with stories & articles which hopefully will inspire you to spend more time outdoors – especially with your children (or grand-children!).

But let’s first start with Woolami. What is this brand? What does it stand for?

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So Woolami is a new, Swiss brand who offers 100% Everyday Merino Wear for active children aged 0 to 8 years. As mentioned above, we really want to inspire parents to spend more time with their children outdoors. The outdoors has so much to offer, and we find it quite sad how children today are spending more time in front of screens and video games rather than actually exploring the world outside. As parents ourselves, we can get nostalgic about our childhood memories – which often occured outdoors: creating huts in the woods, running by the water and throwing in stones that would ‘jump’ as many times as possible, creating snow angels in the snow with your best friend – just to mention a few.

This is why – on a cold winter day on the slopes of Verbier in Switzerland – we decided to make the leap and Woolami was born.

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We wanted to offer clothing that would enable our children to be warm when playing outdoors, but also, keep them comfortable as they came indoors again.

On our search for the best material, there was only one that stood up to the test: Merino Wool. Merino Wool is known to be super soft, non-irritant and stemming from natural resources. You can read more about the amazing properties of Merino Wool under the section ‘Why Merino Wool’ on www.woolami.ch . More importantly, we wanted to offer a clothing range that could be worn everyday – not only those days when you were skiing in the mountains. Why not create a range of products that could be worn in kindergarten, at school, in the forest and on the top of a mountain? As you will see, the Woolami garments can easily be combined with a pair of jeans, a ballerina skirt or simply used as your child’s base layer under a ski outfit!

We hope that our clients – small and big – will enjoy our small, but exclusive, collection of Woolami products. They are made of the softest 100% non-itchy merino wool, with a timeless design that can be worn as a thin, first layer next to skin. And to make caring for the garments easy for the parents, we made sure that all our products are machine washable and do not shrink.

We look forward to connecting with as many of you as possible – and hope to be able to spark some interesting discussions about kids & outdoors.

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