Size Guide - Woolami

Size Guide

When you buy a garment in merino fiber, fit is not as important as if you were to buy for example a pair of jeans since merino fibers are very elastic. However, we understand that it is important you get the right size and that you are a happy customer!

In general, the Woolami products are quite ‘flexible’ given they are made of 100% merino wool and easily stretch. Our products are made of very soft material that easily adapts to your child’s body so this size guide is purely directional.

Woolami products

Woolami size Size Child (approx.) Age Child
50/56 55-60cm 0-2 months
62/68 60-70cm 2-6 months
74/80 70-80cm 6-12 months
86/92 80-90cm 12-24 months
98/104 90-100cm 2-4 years
110/116 100-110cm 4-6 years
122/128 110-120cm 6-8 years
134/140 120-130cm 8-10 years
Woolami size Waist Chest
XS 63-69cm 82-86cm
S 69-73cm 86-90cm
M 73-79cm 90-95cm
L 79-86cm 95-102cm