Woolami - Visit the official Woolami online store. A Swiss clothing brand offering 100% Everyday Merino Wear for active children aged 0 to 8 years.


100% Pure Merino Wool

Many wool underwear brands contain a mix of synthetic fibers and wool. The Woolmark logo gives you the guarantee that all our garments contain the finest merino wool.

Great Design & Function - for Everyday wear

By only using fine merino wool, our garments are designed to fit into any wardrobe as a great base layer – be it on the ski slopes or when going to school/kindergarten – keeping your child warm when cold, and cool when warm.

Soft on skin

Merino wool is known to be gentle even to babies skin, and offers an exceptional level of comfort that your children will love to wear.

Easy to care for

All Woolami products can be washed at 40 degrees on gentle cycle. No need for complicated hand washing. Also, it dries quickly, is stain resistant and does not require ironing.


We are proud that all Woolami products meet the criteria of the EU Ecolabel, which is a guarantee that the clothes do not contain harming chemicals, and ensures that the production impact on the environment is minimal.

Swiss Brand

Inspired by the four seasons of Verbier \u2013 the prominent resort in the beautiful canton of Valais - we decided to create garments of high quality that fit the versatile climate of Switzerland.

What do other people say about Woolami?

planete woolami

When we advise parents on what clothing to bring for their kids as we approach winter, we always recommend a first layer which will keep them warm and ideally without feet (in case their feet get wet outside, we do not have to change everything). The Woolami collection offers a great variety of first layer clothes that the kids can wear outside and indoors whilst being very comfortable to wear.


Corine, director of kindergarten for kids aged 18 months-6 years (Nyon, Switzerland)

I was very skeptical about putting wool directly on my daughter’s skin, but I was positively surprised about how soft the Woolami merino wool body was. And more importantly, my daughter can be quite picky with what she puts on – and she loved the body!


Melanie, mum of girl aged 2 (Geneva, Switzerland)

What I loved about the Woolami base layers was that it was very easy to combine with the existing wardrobe of my kids. On cold autumn and winter days, there will be less hassle in the morning getting the kids dressed since I will simply put on the Woolami base layer, and then add on a pair of jeans and a shirt – and then, off to school!


Malisa, mum of 3 kids aged 2, 6 and 9 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Playing outside in fresh air has both physical and mental benefits for children. The most obvious one is to limit child obesity by being active, but also, kids who are outside are more likely to get their daily dosage of vitamin D, which assist in bone strength and lowers risk for cancer. Time outside has also proven to soothe children, lowering their risk of hyperactivity and depression. This is why I encourage Woolami’s efforts to promote more outdoor activities for children.


Dr. Magnus, pediatrician and father of three (Gothenburg, Sweden)