hat is #UnpluggedKids?

A movement started by Woolami and parents in Switzerland who believe that our kids should be spending more time outdoors and less in front of screens. Let’s face it, kids love iPhones and iPads, and they serve as easy baby sitters. While we recognize the benefits of technology, we also believe that if we come together we can inspire and motivate each other to get our kids into the outdoors more often.

Kicking a bad habit is hard work. It requires great inspiration and a great support group and that’s exactly what we are hoping to achieve with UnpluggedKids and your support.

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Why is it important to unplug?

‘Playing outside in fresh air has both physical and mental benefits for children. The most obvious one is to limit child obesity by being active, but also, kids who are outside are more likely to get their daily dosage of vitamin D, which assist in bone strength and lowers risk for cancer. Time outside has also proven to soothe children, lowering their risk of hyperactivity and depression. This is why I encourage #UnpluggedKids efforts to promote more outdoor activities for children’, says Magnus Rehnström, pediatrician and father of three children.

How to unplug?

Check out our Facebook page for more inspiration and concrete ideas on how to Unplug.  Feel free to also share what works for you! And remember: it does not need to be a full day excursion on the top of the mountain… It can be the small & simple things. Like finding a bug in the grass, and following it with a lupe. Or picking up leaves in the garden and guessing the different colors. Be creative!

In addition to providing ideas and inspiration via our Facebook page, we also organize events like the ‘Unplugged Week‘ or ‘Unplugged Days’. The last Unplugged Day was organized in March 2017, and was a huge success! Thank you to all of those who participated! We want to more of these! Here is a video as well as some pictures from the event.

photos: Martin Tengelin

Please help us promote the movement of #unpluggedkids for the better of our children!

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